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A long sip of a chilled drink, the crisp crackling of breaking ice, a refreshing breeze of cool air all entice the senses in the most satisfying way. Iconic LA fashion brand Juicy Couture invites Viva Girls everywhere to express their effortless and glamorous cool with new Viva La Juicy Glacé, transforming the everyday into a world where everything is cooler, sharper, and more beautiful. The Viva La Juicy fragrances are inspired by the bold Viva Girl who lives life to the fullest and is always the life of the party. The original Viva la Juicy took the fragrance world by storm with its larger than- life scent for the girl who embodies luxury, glamour, and couture. Embracing the exuberant and trendy lifestyle of the brand’s Los Angeles heritage, the scent became an instant classic in the Juicy Couture fragrance portfolio.

With Viva La Juicy Glacé, the Viva Girl shows off her undeniable cool and turns every ordinary day into something fabulous. She exudes a calm enchantment yet captivating warmth as every moment becomes extraordinary with each spray of Viva la Juicy Glacé. For her, everything is better on ice – #VivaOnIce!

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