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VESNA (meaning spring in Russian) is a new contemporary Slavic Restaurant which made it’s debut on Dubai’s fine dining scene a few months ago. Located in the Conrad Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road it boasts an interior which  has been designed to replicate the feel of a large country house, with décor which is entirely fitting with the atmosphere of the restaurant. The ambience is classically charming, with hanging chandeliers, velvet curtains and flowery scripts giving it a classy aristocratic house design feel. The head celebrity Chef, Maksim Tvorogov, is well known throughout Russia and has created a unique ensemble of Slavic fair: with every dish representing his unique philosophy of re-imagining Slavic cuisine using contemporary techniques and international ingredients. The menu boasts timeless classics like Chicken Kiev, Vesna specialty Borsch and Beef Stroganoff; but also throws in a few surprises such as Hachapuri (a classic Georgian homemade pie) and one of my favourites: Salmon Pelmeni (suptuous homemade dumplings filled with Norwegian salmon).

With many top restaurants in Dubai also doubling as bars and clubs, Vesna host’s a Karaoke night every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday creating a fun and vibrant party atmosphere with impeccable service and excellent cocktails made to order: making it a perfect venue to kick start the weekend.

Instagram: @vesnadubai 
Photos by  VKLYBE.TV

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