The Embody Fitness team have brought their talents and knowledge to Dubai, bringing its members a wealth of fitness experience and now they will help the emerging young athletes from the region reach their athletic peak. The team, which includes Olympian athletes, will help in both strength and conditioning training as well as nutrition education, and everything else that it takes to compete at an elite, professional level.

The comprehensive training program will focus on educating the young athletes, to improve their abilities, avoid injury and provide a platform for them to understand proper nutrition, strength endurance, proper stretching and movements, and above all training. Embody Fitness will work together with the young athletes to provide them with a comprehensive approach to fitness, and to have an in-depth fitness education from a young age that will only benefit them in the future.

The young elite athletes program with Embody Fitness in collaboration with M&S Sports, will commence in the fall, getting in full swing once the new sports seasons has begun after the summer holidays. Embody Fitness will begin training the elite swimming and triathlon teams, and will look to expand their program further to other sports. Embody Fitness has trained many elite athletes at an adult level, as well as gold medal winning Olympians which the young athletes from M&S Sports can gain exposure to and benefit from.

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