S’uvimol prides itself in creating pieces of art from the world’s finest skins. The exquisite bags employ first-class raw materials procured from all over the world. Ostrich from Africa, python from Japan and crocodile from their own breeding farm in Thailand. These unique and well-crafted products are brought to life by highly skilled artisans with an impeccable and lasting finish.

Inspired by the rich colours of the tropics, S’uvimol presents a stunning display of sophisticated designs and versatile luxury for Autumn/Winter 2016. Showcasing the vibrant hues of Asian tropical fruits, each bag has been meticulously constructed to reflect the striking energy of the region. Drawing from a colourful spectrum of peculiar fruits, the collection is marked with eye-catching standouts such as the Limited Metallic Yellow Python derived from banana, Hot Pink Ostrich derived from the spectacular pink shade of the dragon fruit, Limited Belly Glossy Wine Python derived from the distinctive purple tint of mangosteen and many more. Staying true to the brand ethos of easy-chic the collection also sees a superb mix of gorgeous new and recurring geometric-inspired pieces

Available at and at Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall

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