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Wholeness, Purity, Radiance; That’s the meaning of the Sanskrit word Sodashi, and it perfectly describes the values by which all of the brand’s luxury chemical-free skincare products and spa therapies are created – without compromise.

Sodashi products and spa treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives to effectively heal and nurture. From seed to shelf Sodashi remains true to its name, dramatically regenerating the skin and imparting a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind.

Sodashi is an Australian skincare company that has successfully harnessed the benefits of natural ingredients to produce high-performance chemical-free skincare products and spa therapies.

Founded by Megan Larsen in 1999, Sodashi offers a range of products that work holistically to nurture the skin and enhance overall wellbeing, formulated using a unique combination of biochemistry, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principles.

Produced at the company’s own laboratory in Fremantle, Western Australia, the Sodashi range draws on the regenerative and anti-ageing qualities of plant essences and other natural ingredients, all sourced for their purity, potency and therapeutic qualities.

Sodashi’s absolute commitment to working in harmony with nature is reflected across all areas of the business. Not a single synthetic chemical, preservative or fragrance is used in the Sodashi manufacturing process.

Products are never tested on animals and Sodashi packaging is recyclable and printed with Natural vegetable dyes. Considered the purest skincare range in the world, Sodashi now enjoys international success and recognition and is available at many of the world’s most exclusive resorts and spas including Four Seasons Dubai and Four Seasons Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

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