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Guided by the pioneering spirit since 1906, Montblanc revolutionized the culture of writing with breakthrough innovations.  The iconic brand payed homage to the exceptional individuals whose lives and work have made a lasting impact on human civilization with its Great Characters Limited Edition writing instruments.

Few musicians have had as immeasurable influence on modern culture as Miles Davies, one of the most important musicians and jazz composers of the 20th century, he constantly pushed boundaries by exploring new musical directions creatively fusing different genres whether rock, jazz or funk, and earning him a place of honour in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Limited to just 90 pieces in celebration of what would have been his 90th birthday in 2016, the Montblanc Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 90 tells the story of this music legend’s accomplishments through the intricate engravings and the elaborate skeleton pattern on the white gold cap and barrel. Achieved through the artistry of Montblanc artisans, every meticulous detail evokes the five major phases of the evolution of American Jazz led by Miles Davis.

The skeletonized cap with intarsia creates a three-dimensional effect, with a striking trumpet in red gold inlaid into the design. Under the Au750 white gold, a translucent resin underlay in blue recalls the colour theme of one of Davis’ studio albums ‘Kind of Blue’ regarded by many critics as his masterpiece and one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time.

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