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Iwona Specialty Clinic, founded by renowned cosmetologist Iwona Pruska in 2007 has recently added to it´s distinguished list of treatments, the popular whole body cryotherapy. Exclusively available at the clinic, the treatment has been well loved outside the UAE for it´s vast array of benefits. The icy cold Cryotherapy addresses the mind and body resulting in an overall positive effect, giving patients an exhilarating experience each time.

The treatment involves three whole minutes inside a -110 Celsius that shocks the body into a range of benefits including muscle relaxation, skin tightening, collagen production and calorie burning. The multi-benefit experience also enforces the most proactive responses from the body, jump-starting a mix of hormones that get rushed around the body.

During the treatment, blood is drawn to the core, away from the swollen and affected areas thus helping with the repairing properties. Anti-inflammatory responses help to modulate swelling directing and further helping pain.

One of the many benefits of the therapy also is the increased metabolism that is the effect of the body cooling down, using more energy to keep warm. “The treatment can be at the cost of burning up to 500 to 800 calories in just one session, depending on the patient and his/her body type”, explains Iwona. It also helps flush areas of injury of toxic waste and bad cells replenishing with good blood to stimulate cellular regeneration. This increased blood circulation serves as an anti-aging treatment to stimulate a youthful skin by reducing signs of wrinkles, fine lines and folds.

Iwona Specialty Clinic is located on Jumeirah Beach Road, Villa 588 Um Suqeim 1, after Miraj Islamic Art Center. Phone Number 04 39 46007

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