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Hussein Bazaza’s Spring-Summer 2017 “Areef ” was inspired by a tragic story of a mermaid and her life under the sea. She used to be the most beautiful siren in the ocean, singing all day long, she would attract the sailors passing by, charm them with her melodies and make them fall in love with her at first sight. She would then lure them into the waters, and have them keep her company in her little cave; but what she did not know, was that humans could not breathe under water, and the sailors would refuse to leave her as they were so infatuated with her beauty, so they would tragically die one after the other leaving her heartbroken every time. During her grieving phase, she would recreate their clothes and wear them to sense their presence. She would especially collect their belts and tie them around her tail so they would, in a way, always be swimming with her.

Until one day, she fell so deeply in love with one mariner, Areef, and kept trying to seduce him into the waves, but as he kept refusing, unmoved by neither her voice nor her beauty, she decided to follow him onto the shore oblivious that she would not be able to survive herself, and end up dying for love. The morale of the collection is all about the dark side of love and its sad endings.

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