Fitness First, the region’s leading fitness club, announces the launch of “TRICLUB by Fitness First” bringing together entry level members and non-members who want to improve on one or all three major fitness disciplines; swimming, cycling and running. TRICLUB by Fitness First has officially launched this September 2017 in the UAE.
Fitness First recently conducted a survey focusing on triathlons to its members. Of the members surveyed, 1000+ got back within the first 24 hours exclaiming that they would train as part of a tri club if one was available to them through Fitness First. Taking on board these comments Fitness First made the decision to start its own tri community, open to members and non-members, that would focus particularly on entry level participants looking to take part in their first event whether this be a triathlon, a run, a cycle or a swim.
Triathlons have become increasingly popular in the Middle East, making the UAE its main hub. As a result of the reinforcement of Dubai Government and Dubai Sports Council as well as Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed’s Initiative for Community Sports, awareness has spread and exercise has become an increasing staple of the Middle East’s lifestyle.
TRICLUB by Fitness First prides itself on the quality of its coaching, ensuring every TRICLUB member receives guidance from experts in their field, as well as Ironman certified coaches who can offer 1:1 specialized training programs to members. This is to ensure that any TRICLUB member’s development is maximized and that they are prepared to tackle a number of events that are to be hosted in the region throughout the next 5 months including Fitness Firsts very own signature event, TriFIRST – an entry level triathlon designed with community spirit in mind. TRICLUB by Fitness First will bring together three signature products:

·“Masters Swim”, a swimming program aimed at swimmers who are looking to take their swimming to the next level.

·“Wattbike”, these innovative bike classes will improve pedal stroke efficiency, riding posture and show members how to get the most out of a cycling workout, whilst experiencing a brand new way of working out.

·“Run Club”, to help members train for the forthcoming running events, Fitness First has launched a running club that will be led by expert trainers and encourages athletes to run in a group, aiding motivation, with expert advice and coaching.

Fitness First will also be launching a number of new products to support their TRICLUB community such as Run & Cycling Sessions at Dubai Autodrome, Tri-Core Sessions, Brick Training Sessions, Specialist Run Sessions and a Monthly Tri-Community Session. Fitness First believe that children are the future of sport and already host a wide range of kid’s classes at their clubs, the Fitness First TRICLUB is no exception and therefore they are looking to roll out Family Masters Swim sessions and a Kids Run Club, to support families in getting their kids active and involved in community sports events.

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